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The Value of a Tree

By Randy Wager, ROW Superintendent

Most people have at least one memory associated with a tree. Maybe a tire swing hanging from an old tree at your grandparent’s house, or a favorite shaded resting spot on hot summer days. Maybe you carved your initials in the trunk of a tree as a child, then sought that tree out as an adult for those memories. The emotions trees prompt are just one reason we value trees.

Share Your Story

Do you remember when the lights came on? 

We want to hear your story and share it with the new generation of cooperative members. 

As we talk about a new energy and the future of cooperatives we also want to connect with our past to feature stories describing the time when the co-op brought power to the farm, ranch or rural residence.  

A New Cooperative Energy

A new generation of members brings new energy to local electric cooperatives, like FreeState.

Across the nation America’s small communities are changing, but not in the way you think. As these communities change in demographics, the values held by generations before to make these communities thrive, are stronger than ever.