Outage Updates - May 4

Outage Updates - May 4

UPDATE 9:48 p.m. Only 23 members remain without power along K-4 Highway. An Evergy crew is working in the area to replace poles that belong to them, and once those are replaced everyone should have power. This morning's storm took out 13 poles, 2 meter loops 3 regulators. Hats off to our crews who worked extra long hours today to get as many members powered up as possible. FreeState crews will be back out in the morning working to replace poles and rebuild areas with the most damage to fix the temporary power. We appreciate your patience as we weathered the storm!

UPDATE 5:40 p.m. Most outages have been restored, at least temporarily. Our crews will head back out tomorrow to replace poles in some areas. We still have a few isolated outages, but for the most part we have everyone powered back up. Thanks for your patience today! 

UPDATE 4 p.m. FreeState outages remain at 595 without power. A majority of these remain in Northern Osage County between Carbondale and Pomona Lake. Multiple crews are working in that area. We also have crews working smaller outages Wabaunsee County along K-4 Highway, Southeast of Silver Lake in Shawnee County, and North of Lone Star Lake in Douglas County. We have a McLouth crew assisting in Osage County. We do not have an updated timeframe on restoration yet but know that we are working on solutions for at least temporary power for as many of our members as possible. We had significant damage to infrastructure earlier today with several poles that will need to be replaced after the storm, and we do have crews that are working - and will continue working until power is restored. We appreciate your patience and we'll do what we can to update as we move through the evening hours. 

UPDATE 2:45 p.m. FreeState crews are continuing to work to restore power and other crews are accessing areas for damage. Unfortunately, we don't have an estimate on when power will be restored. We had several poles damaged in the storm this morning, and they do take time to repair. The majority of our outages are located in Northern Osage County. We also have smaller outages located through our West District and we have crews addressing those, as well. We brought in a crew from McLouth to assist with the efforts and they are onsite with our Topeka crews now. They are all working to get power restored when we can. We are also looking at ways to temporarily get power back prior to infrastructure repair. Please know we're doing what we can. We appreciate your patience and we work to restore and fix damage from this morning's storm. 

UPDATE 1:14 p.m. We have multiple poles damaged in our West District territory, especially south of Topeka. We have crews there now working on a solution to get power restored temporarily and then they will start working on rebuilding some lines and replacing poles. We also have crews working in Western Shawnee County to restore power and have brought over a McLouth crew to assist in restoration. This wind was not a friend of infrastructure today. When we can update again, we will. Until then, thank you all for your patience.  

UPDATE 11:53 a.m. Crews are working to restore power. We will also have multiple poles to replace. We appreciate your patience!

UPDATE 10:37 a.m. The outage count is nearing 600. Most of these outages right now are in the Western areas of Shawnee County and Eastern Douglas County. Crews are out now and will work to get everyone restored. Please stay safe as the second round of weather is coming through the eastern part of our service territory. 

UPDATE 10:14 a.m. Outage numbers are approximately 400 members without power. Right now those are in the western Shawnee Co. area from K-4 north to the Kansas River. We have crews out and they are working. We have our second round of weather approaching, so please stay weather aware.


UPDATE 9:12 a.m. We have a report of a 3-phase line down on K-4 highway. We have a crew headed that way. As a reminder NEVER approach down powerlines. We will keep you updated.

We have some active weather this morning! We do have a few outages reported in the far west portion of our service territory. To report any outages please call 800-794-1989 or utilize your SmartHub app. We will keep you updated here on our page. Please be safe out there!

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