FreeState Electric Cooperative Trustee Election Results

FreeState Electric Cooperative Trustee Election Results

Board members will remain consistent after member voting results announced.

The FreeState Electric Cooperative members recently voted to retain four incumbents following the annual trustee voting that began on April 1 and wrapped up on April 17, 2020.

All members are qualified to vote for the trustees who represent them. The trustees and cooperative bylaws are the governing directives of the cooperative.

Jeanine Murphy, Ralph Phillips, Larry Butel, and Don Montgomery, all incumbents, received the most member votes and will serve the cooperative members for another term.

Murphy, Leavenworth, has served as the cooperative board president since 2017. She will serve another three-year term while Phillips, Mayetta, will serve a two-year term.

“Mr. Phillips will serve a two-year term because of the way our trustee numbers are set up,” said Steve Foss, CEO. “In 2019 we reduced our board to nine members after two retirements, and that put us on an uneven rotation. By Ralph [Phillips] serving only a two-year term that will get us back on a rotation of three, three, and three.”

“Three board members every three years will be elected to three-year terms,” Foss added.

Butel, Overbrook, and Montgomery, Burlingame, will both serve three-year terms. Butel has served as board treasurer since 2017, and Montgomery has served as board secretary since 2017.

Out of the 15,228 ballots mailed, 2,252 FreeState members cast votes for an approximate 15% return, which is higher than the 2019 election.

“Part of the cooperative difference is the ability to choose your own governance,” said Foss. “Trustees are members, and they are elected by members to not only represent them but make decisions that govern the cooperative.”

“We thank each member who cast a vote and took time to participate in this very important process,” Foss added.

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